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Fitness Classes at TEN X TORONTO

Enhance your stay at Hotel X Toronto with various fitness class options at TEN X TORONTO.
As a guest of the hotel, for just $20 you can take part in classes including Yoga, Spin, Pilates, and more!


Group Cycle Studio with 24 Technogym Bikes

Group Cycle Studio at TEN X TORONTO


Group Cycle Connect is the world’s first and only indoor cycling bike that tracks workout, enabling users to improve their performance through a totally immersive riding experience.  The Group Cycle Studio is equipped with 24 of Technogym’s top of the line group cycle bikes.  Each bike has its own console that provides feedback to riders looking to track their RPM, resistance, heart rate, power output, distance travelled and calories burned.  The bikes integrate in to Technogym’s My Wellness app, which tracks all the details of your ride. This interactive experience takes the ride outside while projecting beautiful breathtaking locations all over the world. Located on 5 th Floor of TEN X TORONTO



Classes Currently Available:

Group Cycle A complete riding experience designed to improve cardiovascular conditioning. Ride to the rhythm of powerful music through hill climbs, sprints, and other challenging drills. Train like a true cyclist with the innovative Technogym tracking system, creating a totally immersive and inspirational riding experience. Group Cycle classes are 60 minutes and eXpress classes are 45 minutes.

Cycle Therapy Get the benefits from both a cycle class and a muscle release therapy all-in-one. Start with a 30-minute ride to build cardiovascular endurance with challenging drills, then head to Studio X for 20 minutes for deep stretching and foam rolling for myofascial release to ease those tired sore muscles.





Jump into Studio X for an awesome fitness experience.  Classes vary from Core Pilates Fusion, Yogalates, Body Sculpt and HIIT training.  Looking for a non-heated yoga experience?  Studio X is the place to be.  The inspiring views in this studio will motivate you to move through any workout. This studio is fully equipped with Pilates rings, weighted balls, mats, dumbbells, barbells, yoga blocks and functional equipment.  Everything needed to get a great workout! Located on 5th Floor of TEN X TORONTO



Classes Currently Available:

Core Fusion Pilates A full-body workout fusing Pilates principles along with barre technique and yoga. Take your posture and core work to a deeper intensity using concentrated movements and deep muscle recruitment.

Body Sculpt A total body conditioning class designed to develop strength and muscular endurance, while sculpting your entire body. Bring your energy and motivation for this class that will be sure to leave you feeling strong and energized. All levels are welcome.

HITT (High Intensity Interval Training) OMNIA is a functional training system which optimizes strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed. It is designed specifically for small group personal training (4-8 people), to provide the same individual attention as one-on-one training, but also the community dynamic of training in a group setting. This 45-minute circuit combines strength training, core work, and cardio intervals to increase lean muscle mass, burn calories and boost your metabolism.

Yogalates A mat-based class that blends principles of both Pilates and Yoga to increase strength, flexibility, and balance while reducing stress and improving endurance. The combination of both Pilates and yoga postures will leave you feeling balanced, strong, long and energized!

Yoga Strength This non-heated class combines a yoga flow practice with light weight intervals. Specific yoga poses are used to build strength while additional weight-based exercises tone and sculpt each muscle group. All levels welcome.



Warrior Pose with City View

Hot Yoga Studio at TEN X TORONTO



Resting at 27 degrees C (81 degree F), which can accommodate a gentle warm practice, with the ability to heat up to 37 degrees C (98 degrees F), which lends itself to a more rigorous vinyasa style practice. All mats, blocks, straps and accessories are provided to maximize your practice. Whatever your style, this studio is built for you! Located on 4th Floor of TEN X TORONTO





Classes Currently Available:

Sunrise Yoga Greet your day with awareness, movement, and breath with this energetic practice. This class will get your heart rate up, while working to invigorate your body, open your heart, and awaken your mind.

Sunset Yoga This well-rounded evening class infuses candlelit ambiance and music set to the pace of a restorative practice. Perfect to ease away the day and prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.




Pilates Reformers with glass windows and view of TEnnis Courts

Pilates Studio at TEN X TORONTO


State-of-the-art Pilates studio offering 6 Reformers, 6 Stability Chairs, 1 Ladder Barrel and 1 Cadillac.  Furnished entirely by Merrithew Pilates (the leaders in mindful movement,) this studio offers breathtaking views of the city, guaranteed to inspire your workout.  Located on 5th Floor of TEN X TORONTO

Drop in Reformer and apparatus based classes as well as private and duet sessions with a fully certified Pilates expert are available!



Download the class schedule here!

To inquire further information about fitness classes at Ten X Toronto, please email info@tenxtoronto.com!